1. I work or study in the puppetry aera.
  2. I own the rights to the puppets that I deposit in the INEUPUP catalog.
  3. I agree that the puppets, and their technical data, that I have shared may be used for artistic
    or study and research purposes, and that they may be modified.
  4. I agree to use the shared puppets and their technical data in a respectful and ethical manner.
  5. I agree not to use the shared puppets and their technical data for commercial purposes.
  6. I agree to quote the name of the creator of the puppet when using it artistically.
  7. I undertake to respect everyone’s work and to make a positive contribution to the
    discussions that take place in the catalog.
  8. I undertake not to infringe any law or regulation in my country, under penalty, where
    applicable, of criminal penalties when using the INEUPUP catalog and in my interactions with
  9. The team allows itself to ban users who do not respect the above points.