Uncle Luigi Sangiovese

Justin Dancing Hawk , Puppet Schtick

Uncle Luigi Sangiovese is the Vineyard Maestro of the Sangiovese Vineyard / Winery of Tuscany, Italy.Uncle Luigi Sangiovese Uncle Luigi Sangiovese is a pot bellied old man from Tuscany , Italy. He is a Grape Vineyard Maestro who’s family originated the Sangiovese grape for some of Italy’s finest & most famous wines. Luigi is the first & eldest of “the three paisans”! The other two are “Ben Giorno” - famous Winery Maestro, and Guido Gouda - the notorious cheese Maestro! All three hate Havarti for raiding their stocks. Of course, Havarti denies everything, . . .as he joins the show munching on Sangiovese grapes, Gouda cheese & Sipping a glass of Ben’s BEST wine! At that point in the show, Uncle Luigi says: Luigi -“Dat-a scroungy RAT eat-a all my PROFITS! EEFFA I’m acatcha heem - I’ma chop-a offa eyes’ tail! “ ! Uncle Luigi is a sweet natured old man who loves everyone & everyone loves him! He speaks with a thick Italian accent. He has become affectionately renowned as “Uncle Luigi”! His name comes from the Tuscan - Sangiovese grape, famous for the wines it is used in producing! Luigi will tell you that the tradition of growing these grapes goes back centuries in his family & in truth, the grapes are named after his family! His catch phrases are :
“HOLY CANNOLI” & “HOLY STROMBOLI” Luigi calls me “Capo” which is Italian for “Boss”! I consider this an aspect of our bonding, great respect & affection. Luigi is an Old Man, but also ageless at the same time! It’s not clear what his age is, but one can suppose he’s in his mid to late seventies! A lifetime of hard work & passionate care of all things Sangiovese has left him in amazingly great health. He is spry & athletically fit! . . . .with the exceptions of that adorable old man pot belly, and the classic aches & pains of old age - which we capitalize on! He is the Elder half of a symbiotic team! His nephew - Ben Giorno is the Wine Maker counterpart! Their families have been intertwined for so long, they are related! So “Uncle Luigi” it IS! Luigi knows everything that goes on in his village & that’s to be expected! After all, he hears everything through”THE GRAPEVINE”!!. . . and it’s JUICY!

Puppeteers needed: 1

Main material: Foam