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The marioenta is called "Ramiro" and is part of the work The paper astronaut of the company Objects theater. The puppet is made of scrap materials, the body is a drum, its head is made of paper, and its arms and legs are made of PVC pipes. It is manipulated by 3 actors dressed in black using manipulation techniques from the Japanese Bunraku puppet theater. The play "The paper astronaut" is a family show that has been held for 20 years and is now a classic of Chilean theater. The play tells the story of Ramiro, a boy inventor, who watches the Moon with his sister from the roof of their house. Together they discover to their surprise that the moon is made of milk. After a few nights they observe her again and they realize that the moon has weakened and they think it must be because she is not drinking her milk. From there Ramiro decides to travel in his paper boat to save the moon, bringing him a large jar of milk so that he does not disappear from being skinny. On his journey he lives great adventures, finally reaching the moon, where he meets a friend and learns a great lesson.

Puppeteers needed: 3

Main material: Other

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