Tea Kovše

Miniature Puppet Theatre MOŽ!

He is a miniature puppet. The space where he performs is a small piece of furniture with a drawer. On top of it, he has his room with a couch and a lamp. This is his stage. It is 24cm wide and 24 cm deep. MOŽ! is 17cm tall and weighs 93 grams. As the shops were closed while he was developed, his hands and feet consist of little stones from a forest near by. His red T-shirt is made out of an old one and the rest of his costume is created from random pieces of fabric. He is made from what was lying around in the apartment and corresponded to his character. His name is often mispronounced. The exclamation mark is merely the letter ‘i’ turned upside down, and the character ‘Ž’ belongs to the Slovenian alphabet. Properly, he likes to be addressed as [moʒi], the ‘Ž’ thus should be pronounced as in ‘seclusion’. Only ‘mož’ means ‘man’ or ‘husband’. The ‘i’ in the end makes him small. He’s a ‘little man’ decorated by an exclamation mark. He may like to think of himself as big and important.

Puppeteers needed: 1

Main material: Other

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