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* Gopdan is... Gopdan is the name of a dog. By the elements of the puppet theatre, this work reminds the adults about forgotten sentimental memories (nostalgia) and communicate/play with the kid’s rich imagination. By illustrating the daily life of a girl and a dog, using puppets, it helps people cross the cultural barriers between generations. * Characteristics This performance is a mime. Dolls only move. Instead, music changes and flows according to the scene. However, just by looking at the movement, you can see what it is about. Another characteristic is that all music is made of traditional Korean instruments. You can watch the play with your eyes and feel the impression of our music with your ears. * The people who made gopdan. - Script/Doll Production/Directing: Seohaeja - Music: Kwon Taek Joong - Arrangement: Kim Kanggon. - Sound/Light : WOO HYUN - Appear: Seo Haeja - Production year: 1998 * Information - Concert time: 45 minutes. - Grand Prize: From 4 years old to adults, - Genre: Hand puppet show. * Introduce the theater company. Founded in 1997, Nurungso, a puppet theater company, is a creative puppet theater company that produces plays with daily life and small materials. In order to expand the base of puppet shows, we are also striving to educate puppet shows for children and adults, and works include (Gopdan),(Grandmother),(to see Mom),(Head Shoulder Knee Feet),(Blue Dragon),(Bean pod).

Puppeteers needed: 5

Main material: Paper