Traditional Karagöz Show (Geleneksel Karagöz Gösterisi)

Seçkin Güneş , S.o.S. Sanat

Traditional Karagöz Show Short Description: Karagöz is a type of verbal Turkish show, based on the reflection of "depictions" made of transparent leather, on the white screen with the light given from behind, and played with the help of sticks. The game takes its name from Karagöz. This game, which is commonly known as Karagöz, is also known as "Hacivat" among the people. Technically, it can also be defined as object projection theater. In the academic environment, it has been considered as a shadow play until today. The origin of shadow play is considered to be Southeast Asian countries. There are different opinions about his arrival in Turkey. According to the view defended by Georg, Jacob, the shadow play passed to the Mongols from China, and from there the Turks brought them with them during their migration to Anatolia. The artist who plays Karagöz is called imaginary. Karagöz artists are versatile artists who have led the way in creating new plays and determining the needs of the public, combining their identities as writers, directors, musicians, actors and picture makers. These artists are the people who sing all the types and music in the plays alone, who can change the plays as improvisation according to the audience, who make their own depictions, and who have a rare talent and intelligence with these aspects. Meretial: Calfskin Workmanship: Handcrafted Nevregan (Cutting blades) Size: 35 cm Pattern Design: Seçkin Güneş Artist: Seçkin Güneş

Puppeteers needed: 1

Main material: Other

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