How it works ?

The catalog data is fed by the puppeteers themselves who may reside in any country in Europe. Each creator-contributor chooses to share data, aesthetics and / or puppet plans that they deem interesting, innovative or essential for other puppeteers who will use the catalog. In exchange, he can consult and download data, plans, aesthetics that he considers useful, novel or inspiring for him and for his research and creation work. If the 3d scan data is available, he can even from his home across Europe print models, parts, entire objects that he can study at home.

Why Contribute?

Through the use of the catalog, puppeteers are driven by different desires, needs and objectives: – Save and archive his artistic work after a creative work. At the end of a creation or tour, your puppets will not only remain locked in boxes. They will also be digitally saved and viewable by other puppeteers. They may be inspiring or enriching for other designers. The catalog will thus give visibility to the richness and diversity of the European heritage of puppetry. – Transmit and enrich his know-how, his knowledge of the art of puppetry, share his work with other creators or students in the sector The catalog also has an educational and / or encyclopedic vocation which benefits all puppeteers, you may discover inspiring blueprints and ways of manipulating that you did not know that will give you new design ideas and expand your knowledge- make. – Highlight your aesthetic universe on a European scale and with other professionals in the sector If you want to promote your work and your aesthetic, the catalog can highlight your works internationally. The catalog will allow you to broaden the visibility of your creations and your shows within a professional network dedicated to puppetry and on a European scale. – Meet and discuss with other puppeteers on a European scale The catalog connects several puppeteers, so you will have access to the contact details of other professionals in Europe and get a glimpse of their artistic universe. You will be able to ask them technical questions, meet and discover professionals with similar aesthetics or opposite to yours from different countries, propose the sharing of data or skills, develop shared projects …

Limited access to data to protect your works

The contribution and consultation of the catalog is in limited access. To be able to contribute and view all the data, you must be from, have a connection with the professional puppetry sector or be in professional training. The general public has access only to certain data such as images, the names of the puppets and the artists. Puppetry professionals registered in our database have access to all the technical data deposited in our database: plans, dimensions, 3d scan, tutorials, contact with other contributors … If you wish to register, you must provide us with proof of your link with the professional network: names, CV, biography, professional website… We will then validate your registration on the site. This limited access also helps protect your work and your copyright. In addition, you obviously only share the data you want to share. Data sharing or knowledge exchange on the art of puppetry whatever its form (comments, shares, links, etc.) is however necessary to remain registered and have access to the catalog database.