The puppet catalog created as part of the INEUPUP project is a technical and sharing tool intended primarily for professionals and students of the sector in Europe. Made available in April 2021, the platform will be developed continuously until it reaches at least a hundred puppet sheets by the end of 2021. Puppets from all over Europe will enrich this beautiful collection: Bulgaria, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Greece …

A veritable “puppet library”, our catalog is a place of consultation and knowledge sharing for professionals and enthusiasts. There, are deposited, arranged, classified, various collections of articulations, techniques, models of puppets that the public and the professionals will be able to consult and use online. Materials, dimensions, new handling techniques, possibilities of scanning and 3D printing parts or entire puppets, this unique digital catalog is a real source of knowledge and sharing of know-how for professionals, students and enthusiasts of the puppetry sector in Europe. Puppeteers and professional creators can freely make available, if they wish, manipulative ideas or entire characters or objects. Access to the catalog is limited to professionals and students upon registration and validation by our team, and we are committed to protecting user data and work.

The objectives of the Catalog:

  • Allow the sharing and consultation of tools and technical data for professionals and students of the puppetry sector in Europe and in all over the world
  • Network puppeteers and students from the sector on an European scale
  • Highlight the richness and diversity of the art of puppetry in Europe and in the world, whether contemporary or traditional
  • Bring together know-how and aesthetics from different European countries and regions in one place
  • Give professionals the ability to digitally archive and save their work at the end of a creation